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Saturday, May 5, 2007

On Beginning a Blog

Starting a blog is a lot like starting a drawing. It's really hard to overcome that blank page, so the best thing to do is make some kind of mark - anything, really - to get you out the gate and on your journey.
So here's the first mark.

I want to share my recent workshop in Costa Rica through the journal, photos and sketches I made there. But since I worked on the journal every day for ten days, there are quite a few words and pictures, which take time to transfer to type and graphics, so I'm going to do it one day at a time.

And since this is my first blog, I'm pretty green at this. It may take a while to puzzle out the ways to do it right so that I can share the immense fun and excitement with you properly.

So this begins my Costa Rica Journal. It's so beautiful there -- I've added a picture I drew of the ocean and jungle from the patio at El Remanso where the workshop was held. It's colored with watercolor pencils.

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