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Friday, December 8, 2017

Adding Color to the Wasps! I DID IT!

I am now officially past my "artist's block," 
thanks to you
I expect to be adding more entries from time to time, so if you want to know about it, put your email over there in that box to the right so you will be notified. Just in case you didn't do it before, you may have missed the second entry I made, a couple of weeks ago (this is the third one).  If so, just scroll down.

Here's the wasp drawing with color added.  It's a lot easier to understand what's happening, isn't it?

Check below in the previous entry to see what this drawing looked like before color was added.  I also wrote in that entry about how I painted the mural on my house walls -- lots of pictures.
Macal in May. Now it's 8' tall.
That's Nacho's thatched hut where
he stays when we go out to El Rancho.

Stay tuned. I'll be adding color to the cecropia drawing (my first one), and also to a drawing I just finished this week out at Micasa, my little house in the jungle at El Rancho.  I finally was able to get there after seven weeks of the road resembling a turtle pond (complete with turtles) and pretty much impassable. When at last I arrived, I fulfilled my vow to make at least one sketch during each visit. (Hint: this latest one is a fungus).  

And they're improving the road -- there's a crop of macal out there that's due to be harvested in January!  

Hasta mas tarde!  


WoldPeace2020 said...

Hi again, Irene,
I just read the Better in Belize website and am very interested in possibly visiting. You've been there two years. Do you like it? I like that you are trying to get to know the locals. How is their Spanish? Is their first language Creole? Would you be willing to describe your house and share photos inside or video and post on youtube? How much did it cost to build? and how long did it take? solar hours? water source? rainwater? well?.... Thank you!

Renie said...

Hi Sandy, Wow, that's a whole BAG of questions!

Well, let's see....I've been here three years now, and like it very much. I'm working on my Spanish, and people are very helpful. Spanish s Belizeans' first language, in general, but English is the official language of Belize since it was a British colony until about 35 years ago, so most native Belizeans speak both Spanish and English. On the coast, the Garifunas speak English and Creole, and schoolkids often speak Creole amongst themselves.

As for my earth bag house, I had it built here at BIB by contractor Jorge Rosales and his crew. It took several months to build, and cost me about $80,000 USD after adding the solar panels and furnishing it, but prices have risen and I don't think that would be possible now. It's cool in summer and warm in winter, and I love it.

My house is powered by solar electricity, with butane water heater and cooktop. Water is off the roof and through a filter. Totally off the grid.

I may occasionally post pictures of it as my blog proceeds.

Glad you came to visit the blog. Stay tuned!

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