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Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Ornament Tree

After looking critically at the little Douglas fir tree I'd planned to use to display my ornaments (see at left), I went back out into the woods with my pruning shears and my saw, looking for a nice bushy manzanita branch. Click to enlarge images.

Here's what I returned with, and I must say, it looks a lot better than what it replaced (plus, I got a good dose of fresh air and sunshine)!

I had to lock JesseCat in the bathroom in order to decorate the little tree and take its picture, and only let him out when it was de-decorated. He is SO opinionated about where the ornaments should go (not on trees), and kept removing them with the wickedest of looks and skating them across the floor.... Here's what it looks like with the ornaments on it.

I think it will work okay. Maybe I'll put some flowerpot foil around the pot. I have the sand in it covered with lichens to improve its looks.

Just curious ... would YOU pay $1 for a little ornament and $1.50 for one of the bigger ones? How about 50¢ for an uncut sheet with one big one or two little ones on it? The ornament in the picture at right is the large size. Any suggestions?

I'm not even sure anyone will buy them. I may have to give them away with purchases. Well, at least they're colorful, and they're fun to make, so no big deal.


Debo Boddiford said...

The tree branch is NICE! I think the price is about right. As a former Kindergarten teacher and a parent...I think most will want to buy the uncut ones for their children/granchildren to make as an art project together. .50 is about right for those!
Good Luck with the Art Show and Sale! Will you be posting any images online for us to bid on?

Debo Boddiford said...

Another thought came to me to help market your ornaments and books at the Sale. Maybe you should consider designing two children's educational "Worksheets" about the chipmunk and chickadee to include with the ornaments? I only have a couple of your GREAT books...but perhaps you already have a book page about each of these animals designed, or you could combine some information from your various books. Each worksheet/sample bookpage could include: fun facts about the animal, how to draw the animal, word search puzzles, dot-to-dot, etc... (Of course, include your website and ordering info. at the bottom of each sheet.) Maybe later when parents and grandparents see how their children enjoy making the ornaments and then completing the worksheet...They will order some of your educational books! If you do this, you may want to up the price to .75 for the combo.
Just an idea for you to think about....

Irene said...

Debo, you are a font of wisdom!

To be honest, I think these are too difficult for a kid to assemble without a horrific gluey mess. We adults can do it because we have acquired manual dexterity. Holding a floppy piece of cardstock with five glued tabs, then pressing them together and holding them until they "take" (20-30 seconds) would be beyond most kids younger than, I'd say, 12. BUT....

What a terrific idea! And I think for next year I will figure out an ornament that folds into shape instead of being glued (suggestion from another artist), accompanied by the worksheet as you suggest, and see what results I get. What a great suggestion. Thank you!.

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