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Friday, November 19, 2010

Sketchcrawl on a Wild Pacific Beach

Do you love to sketch/journal at the beach? I sure do! That's me below, sketching on the Oregon beach, at Whaleshead Cove.

I've uploaded a new sketch/journal from Oregon's wild Pacific beaches that I have just finished. You can download it here.

I added a tutorial, similar to the one in the one in my sketch-journal Oregon High Desert Crossing, to show how to tackle a project like this to get results you can savor for the rest of your life just by opening your journal.

I'm really pleased with this journal ~ it's the result of a sketchcrawl I did with a friend, each of us determined to sketch the full four days we had available.

And with the tutorial, you can come along with us as we employ all our skills to outdo each other. You'll laugh at some of my booboos, figure out how to get a beach "haystack" (that's a "haystack" in the opening picture above ~ the big island/rock in the water) to fit on your sketch page, walk alongside a scavenging crow, and practically get sand in your teeth as you grin in the salty wind along with us.

Sketchcrawl on a Wild Pacific Beach is full of great ideas and observations about getting the words and pictures down on the paper under sometimes trying circumstances (weather-wise) and spicing them up with native borders, fun fonts and design elements ~ plus a lot of other useful tips.

This was a super-fun sketch crawl, and the pleasure shines through in the sketches of these wild Oregon beaches and their colorful crabs, sea stars, mussels, chitons, sea gulls and other beachy creatures.

I hope you find it useful ~ and enjoyable!


Florence's Art said...

Very nice. Thank you for sharing these with us, I always find your work very enjoyable as well as useful. You are so very generous, thank you so much

Irene said...

You're entirely welcome!

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