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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Redoing my How To Draw Raptors e-workbook

I've taken the How To Draw Raptors workbook offline.
I was persuaded by an eager artist to put it up a couple of years ago, and it has been downloaded many times since, but I am no longer satisfied with it.

It went up onto the website in its original form, exactly as handed out in the raptor workshop, but my experiences since then have taught me that a lot more needs to be added to the workbooks to make them fully able to stand-alone. I noticed that I would get anxious when someone downloaded it, so I knew it was time to pull it.

Since 1973, I've been filling sketchbooks with wildlife drawings [OMG! That's 37 years! Whew! I must be a crone, or something!]. I have 8 wildlife sketchbooks, mostly big ones 11 x 14, running about 100 pages each, so if you're any good at math you'll know I have quite a pile of pictures!

I started leafing through the pages filled with everything from shrew-moles sketched from cat-delivery specimens, to boas from a pet shop, to window-thumped thrushes, to newborn coyotes from a colleague's research project to. . . . YES!! Eagles, hawks, owls and vultures sketched mostly, over the years, at Wildlife Images, a wildlife rehab center some 40 miles up the road near Merlin, OR. I go back a long way at that rehab center; my first drawing there was of a golden eagle in 1976. In fact, the eagle on the Sketching Wildlife Basics workbook cover (at right) is a sketch page featuring that very eagle from my first visit.

So I'm redoing the How To Draw Raptors workbook before I go any further with revamping my other workbooks, beefing it up with lots of those sketches. I may change the name, too, since it's going to be WAY different from the original. It'll show up on my workbooks webpage when I get it done.

Keep your eyes peeled for it, (BTW, that's a snowy owl at left, keeping its eyes peeled) and if you haven't signed up for blog alerts for when I post, leave your email address in the box at the bottom of the right panel on this page.

Now, back to work on that raptor drawing workbook!

[Don't forget, it's illegal to copy and reuse somebody else's images without their permission, and if these end up on any other website, I'll track 'em down and come after ya.]

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