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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Catching Up ~ comments from the kids

I'm WAY behind! I know the last post was all about the cover to the swamp book (which has progressed somewhat, into, at least, the "getting the outline onto the canvas" stage (actually onto paper ~ I'm using a heavy, hot-press {smooth} bristol paper).

But so much has other stuff happened that I need to catch up with that stuff before I write more about the cover and the swamp book.

First, I wanted to share some of the students' comments about the Journal Sketching workshop I did for the 10-13-year-olds at John Muir School in Ashland, Oregon (just down the road), in April. I picked one comment from each of the evaluations returned to me ~ not all students filled them out. I have used conventional spelling throughout so as not to distract from the sentiments expressed.

Frank (12) (at right) wrote: "This class was extraordinary!!!! Thank you, Irene, it was wonderful."

Michaela (11) (left)wrote: "Irene Brady was very nice and understanding at times. I love journal entries because of her and can't wait to use these skills!
~To Irene Brady~
We had so much fun, ~ And learned a ton, ~ But sad to see you go, I'll miss you so. ~I learned how to use my right brain, ~ but now my right hand has a pain! ~Hope to see you again! ~By Michaela, and She Rocks".

Emma (13) (right) wrote: "I loved this workshop because not only did I learn new ways to improve my art, I did it in a fun way that I could remember...Before, I wasn't confident in my artwork. I didn't want anyone to look at it. Now I feel confident and I can show people."

Kasey (12)(left) wrote: "I especially liked working with watercolor pencils. I also liked sketching. I think my drawing skills have increased. I am glad I got to go to this workshop."

Madison (11) (right)wrote: "I learned a lot of new stuff. Now I know my journal is going to look better!!"

Tristan (11) (left)wrote: "What I enjoyed was all the different things I learned, and I enjoyed all this art and writing, and I was amazed how much we learned in so little time. I think there is nothing bad I can say."

Marlee (10) (right) wrote: "I think that now I am very good at making and organizing journal pages and books. I learned shading and a lot of other things...I really love how she made sure everyone had equal turns on [paint]brushes and she let us all read poems and haikus. She has inspired me!"

I asked Tim, their teacher, "what was the most useful part of thie workshop for your students?" and his answer was "Clear, specific skills presentation, demonstration and application."

Some complaints I received, in response to the question Was there anything about the workshop you wish had been different?:
(from the kids) ~"10 instead of 5 minute breaks" ~"to have one more day with Irene, and to get at least one person that we could pick to sit by." ~" I think it would be nice if the classes were a little bit spaced over days" ~"less people" (there were 20 in the class).
(and from Tim)"Perhaps they could have made a journal page with a found object in class."

So I think that went okay (with needed improvements noted). And those are all valid complaints, I'd say.

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