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Friday, July 13, 2007

My next "Nature Drawing with Irene" workshop

My July workshop is almost upon me, and yesterday I stopped by the North Mountain Park Nature Center, which is sponsoring this workshop, to make sure all my ducks were in a row. They appear to be.

This workshop, "Nature Drawing with Irene Brady" will be held at a classroom in The Grove, which is near Ashland's (Oregon) City Hall. I've not taught there before, so I don't know what the ambience will be like, but hey, I expect we'll all be so busy we won't notice.

The cost for the 3-day class [9:30-2:30 on Saturdays, July 21 (Sketching Techniques), July 28 (Landscape Techniques), and August 4, (Watercolor Pencil Techniques)] is $95, and I provide all the tools and supplies, and a set of three workbooks (one for each class) with extra sketching pages and lots of tips and exercises so that students not only have something to take home from the workshop but something to work from later to continue their sketching education.

The workbooks are popular and I've even had people contact me online to ask if they could purchase just the books. At the moment I'm only using them in the class -- but later I might put them together into a combined book for aspiring nature artists.

But back to the workshop....I just checked out a great idea I had with the nature center and they agreed to let me invite just the people who have taken my classes previously to drop in for single refresher sessions of the workshop at $35 each. For instance, someone might like to attend just the second class, Landscape Techniques if that is the only aspect they'd like to brush up on. Provided there is room in the class, they can just appear and pay at the door (however, I'd suggest they contact me by phone or email to confirm a spot before the day of the class -- there's a link in the panel at right, and you can learn more about the class here).

We haven't tried this before, so it remains to be seen if there will be interest in such a plan. Of course, if the class fills up completely, it won't work. But sometimes I get a dropout, so a spot could open up even then.

I love teaching this class. It is always exciting to me to see "I-can't-draw-a-straight-line" people realize they CAN draw, and watch them, by the 3rd session, shading and coloring their very presentable drawings with great satisfaction. Just as exciting, though, is to see artists who have been drawing or painting for a long time markedly improve their ability to draw more accurately what they see. And I love it when I have all kinds in the class -- they are an inspiration to each other and to me, too.

I've been getting some email feedback on my last blog about the Sketch/Journaling Workshop plan I posted. In the next blog I'll discuss what has come in. If you'd like to be part of the discussion, read the previous blog (below) and send me a comment or email about your reaction to the proposed workshop. I'd really appreciate your input.

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