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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Journal = Diurnal

Definition of "journal": A type of diary, from the Latin diarium

Hey, did you know that "journal" is the same word as "diurnal" and comes from the same Latin root for "day?"

My friend Daniel was just in Ireland. He had lunch with a duke, and says the Brits pronounce duke as juke.

While we usually pronounce the first syllable of diurnal as "die," the Romans, who spoke Latin, likely prounced it "dee," so it would have sounded like "dee-urnal." So if you say diurnal as the Latins would have then, and as the British do today, it comes out REALLY close to journal!

Aren't words fun?

I'm working on my first Journaling Workshop workbook today. I mention that there.

I'm thinking of calling the workshop "Creative Journaling." What do you think? Drop me a line with your input!

Additionally, a lot of people keep blogs and I'm thinking of making that a possible line of approach, as in:
  • NOTE:
  • If you already blog online, keeping another journal on the side may be just too much. You may want to consider creating your journal by printing out your blog entries and keeping them in a loose-leaf binder to which you can add pages of drawings and other materials. The pages could be printed onto heavy paper to allow for sketching and the entire journal could be bound at a later date.
I'm looking for input. Do you think that would be a good idea?

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