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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

No Prdibit In Sight

I tried an early sit this morning, getting out to my spot before seven, waiting in the dim dawn light with sunshine on the mountains in front of me. Read my journal page to experience my morning adventure (that's a slight exaggeration, but be kind to the poor puzzled sitter, please!).....This page looked a bit pale since I haven't yet had time to add color, so I did some "painting" in Photoshop before I saved it:

Below is the original version. Do you have a preference? (let me know with a response below, if you don't mind!).

So there's today's adventure. Yesterday I found a teensy stinkbug trapped in an Agoseris puff (like a big 2½" dandelion puff) but it had escaped by this morning. Ooooooo~ big deal! (:-O

Still, I am so enjoying these silent waits. Even if nothing extraordinary passes by, I feel as though by observing, considering, sketching and journaling I am more a part of the real world than I am when I sit inside at the computer all day.

Let me know what you think of the two versions above, if you don't mind.


Chris Flynn said...

Hi Irene.... I am so enjoying your blog and vicariously transporting myself to your "sit spots"... what a great, GREAT idea! I love the Madrone post! and I'm wondering if you avoided the poison oak?

As for the before and after Photoshop... I'm liking the sweet muted color best. I often just give a light color wash in watercolors, just to have that softness in my sketch book. Sadly, I've fallen out of the practice. My favorite spot is at a piece of beach in Santa Cruz.

Thank you for being so inspiring!
Sweet blessings, Chris

Irene Brady said...

Thank you, Chris! Fortunately, I can lightly brush past poison oak and not be affected, so I try to have no contact, which means I get only a little and so far this summer I haven't "rashed up." Thanks for your opinion on the Photoshop wash.

Hope you get a chance to try your own sit spot someday. Mine has changed my life.

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