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Monday, April 12, 2010

Slight Ooops!

One of my valiant students has pointed out that the workshop workbook Nature Sketching Basics has a problem with page references ~ and boy, is she correct! (thanks Lorna!)

I figured out what happened: I inserted this lovely page with sketches of stilts and avocets (birds I drew at the Monterey Bay Aquarium) as page 2 after everything else in the book was proofed and ready to make into the PDF ~ and I totally forgot that this would necessitate changing ALL of the page references by one page.

In other words, if it says "go to page 17," you have to go to page 18. I can't believe I missed that. I've gone back through the file now and reloaded the corrected workbook to my site. I THINK I caught them all this time.

Well, if you already have your copy and it doesn't bother you to make the mental leap, okay. However, if it does give you fits, drop me a line that you'd like a replacement and I'll cheerfully send you a free replacement link. My contact email is on the workbook page, right at the top.

Hope that makes it okay! Sorry 'bout that. At least you know I will make things right if I have goofed, and also that I appreciate people pointing out any glitches they run across.


On a jollier note, I'm making great headway on the new Sketch/Journaling workbook.

This one is a lot of fun ~ mainly because I'm replacing many of the small b/w example pages in the old workbook with larger full-color ones ~ and that means that I'm riffling through all my travel/nature journals from Costa Rica, Hawaii, Iceland/England, New Zealand, and the Oregon Coast to spot good examples to use. Reliving all those wonderful adventures is a real kick. What a terrific little armchair vacation!

The example here shows how you can glue in a photo (this one has been cut out to make it more interesting) then draw out from it to blend it into the page. It's a stunning effect. You can draw the additional part in b/w or add color if you want. People always go gaga when they spot one of these in a sketchbook ~ it's an easy way to make people think you're pretty hot stuff with the sketch/journaling, and it's lots of fun to do. This one is straight-forward scenery, but you could make funny or amazing ones, too, with monsters creeping up or by creating unlikely juxtapositions of photos/drawings.

A few more weeks, and that workbook will hit the ether, too, so keep in touch if you want a copy.

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