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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Birds at Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama

[The slide show has been removed. I left up the original posting with explanatory notes in red. Here's the original posting:]

I'm experimenting with a widget. Below, in the slideshow, are some illustrations I created for a birding trail at the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama. I just discovered if you run your cursor over the picture it comes into focus better and the title I typed in for it pops up! WoW!

Sorry -- I took the slideshow down.

Why? Click on the graphic to get a bigger view. It's kind of fuzzy since it's just a printscreen shot, but I think you can read it.

I discovered late last night when I clicked
on my slide show image to get a larger view of the screech owl, that ENCOURAGES people to grab your pictures and use them any way they want. When you click on the image of the PrintScreen here ~ be sure to read the print in the blue box!

They were begun in pencil then manipulated in Photoshop. Actually, after many hours of experimenting, some of the later ones were done entirely in Photoshop, from the rough sketch to the finish, using a Wacom tablet and stylus.

If you watch the slide show for a moment, you'll see a grouping of birds, then closeups of the birds shown in the group. They manufactured then positioned etched aluminum signs of the groupings at key points along the trail (at the edge of an open meadow, inside the forest, etc., where people might expect to see those birds. The trail is solely for the pleasure of the people living on the base, because it isn't open to the public. I'VE never even walked the trail!

I'm pretty pleased with these. I'm going to see if I can transfer this slideshow over to the right side of the page so it doesn't scroll down and off. WELL, MAYBE NOT!!!! But I haven't figured out how to do that yet.....

Sorry about this -- but maybe we can all learn a lesson.

That bit of information ~ that they'd suggest photo "sharing" ~ was not obvious in the agreement (if it was there at all), which I DID read fairly carefully (more carefully than most, I suspect). I certainly didn't see a note mentioning that they would
suggest, encourage ~ and actively enable ~ people to lift your pictures!

And my education continues....


Leslie said...

Irene, these are gorgeous. Your post caught my eye because it popped up right when I sat down at the computer for a "brief" moment. I'm from Huntsville and am pleased as can be that you did the artwork for those signs! How awesome. Have you been to Redstone Arsenal? My dad retired from there after 35 years. :)
I don't find it distracting as it is- not sure if it would be on the sidebar or not. It has some beautiful artwork!

bubblemunch said...

I think the slide works really well. The bird sketches are beautiful and have such impressive fine detail.

(I'm afraid that I can't offer any advice as to how to move it!)

Quilt knit said...

This is not distracting. To move to side bar - go to customize. Click on add a gadget: You should see add a slideshow.
You can then place your slideshow on the side bar.

Sherrie Roberts

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and exquisitely drawn!

Renie said...

Thanks so much to you all for your comments and opinions as to the distraction the slideshow might cause. And I'm glad you like the birds, too. It took me forever to do the entire series!

Sherrie, I am apparently trying to give it the wrong information because no matter what I copy and paste from, it won't accept my feed (whatever that means). Oh well. I have a letter in to tech support there, so maybe they'll help me. Thanks for trying!

Leslie, I haven't ever been to the Redstone Arsenal, nor seen the bird trail. I mentioned to my contact there that I might be passing through and would like to stop by to see how it looks installed, but they said I probably couldn't get permission to walk it without an escort, which they couldn't offer. I supposed that makes sense to them, but I can't quite picture me as a danger to the "homeland"

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