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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Oops ~ Lights out!

WHOOOOOSHHHH! Right when I was hitting my Hawaii stride, a big storm came along (you may have been hearing about it on the national news) with 60mph winds here in my southwestern Oregon valley. Around 4am on Friday morning, the power went off over a three county area. At one point, the recorded message was claiming 19,000 households without power. With my woodstove and kerosene lamps, I wasn't in any trouble, but turning on my computer wasn't an option until yesterday at about 4pm. Thirty-six hours without electricity really catches your attention! I wanna go solar!

I spent today catching up on book orders and workbook prep for my Journaling/Sketching Workshop which starts next weekend -- if I get enough participants. I hadn't realized that the workshop was accidentally listed under "nature crafts," online, which evokes basket-weaving sessions and doing things with leaves and pinecones rather than writing and journaling.

As a result, so far I don't have enough participants to make the workshop go, so if you were thinking of taking a Journaling/Sketching Workshop in the Rogue Valley area of Oregon in the near future, here's your big chance! If you wish you'd known about it sooner, sign up for my newsletter in the column at right to get occasional missives from me telling about upcoming workshops.

Tomorrow I'll get back to uploading my hand-written and -drawn journal pages, photos and comments about my recent Hawaii workshop-site-search trip.

'Til then, aloha, and keep warm!

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